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Something seem off about my characterization? General questions about Mettaton's actions or thoughts? Then post your concerns/critiques here. Anonymous posting is allowed, IPs are off, and comments are screened. Please don't flame/bash. The more you explain things to me, the better I'll understand - and any help/advice is greatly appreciated.
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✩ NAME: Mettaton | Happstablook*
✩ SPECIES: Robot | Ghost
✩ HEIGHT: 4'0" (Rectangle Form) | 7'0" (EX Form)
✩ WEIGHT: ???
✩ FAMILY: Napstablook (cousin), Mad Dummy (cousin)
✩ HOBBIES: Everything involving himself

*Not canon


Nov. 27th, 2020 06:00 pm
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"Hello, beauties and gentlebeauties!
I am currently busy at the moment but if you leave a message,
I will attempt to return your call whenever I feel like it.
Ta-ta for now~"

[ voicemail | call | text | action ]
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You can contact me personally by PMing this account, commenting here, or through the various websites/services listed below.
Plurk: knuxiechan
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Discord: knuxiechan#7740
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I use [ profile] crashboombanger as my Mettaton's voice. Here are a list of the majority of his recordings for reference/curiousity sake. Links start from newest samples to oldest. NSFW/Ship samples labeled as such.

Code by [community profile] bannertech.
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Backtagging: Yes. No matter how old a thread is, I'm always willing to continue it.
Threadhopping: Go right ahead.
Fourthwalling: Ask first.
Offensive subjects: Body Dysphoria, Abandonment, Gender and Genitalia.

Hugging this character: Yes. Just don't scuff up the paint!
Kissing this character: Totally okay even though he says his lips are saved for special people/occasions. Feel free to kiss his cheek, hands, or boots though~
Flirting with this character: Flirt your heart out, darling~
Fighting with this character: Sure, if you wanna have a bad time, especially if he reverts to rectangle form.
Injuring this character: Nothing too serious. I would prefer to discuss things first.
Killing this character: No.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Let's discuss it first please.

Warnings: Prior to becoming corporeal, Mettaton mentions in his diaries "I'd never find the kind of body I'm looking for," and "In a form like that, I could finally feel like... 'myself.'" This is similar to the body dysphoria transgender and otherkin feel about themselves. I try not to mention it in narrative very often unless it's with someone he really trusts. If you would prefer I be vague or not mention it at all, please let me know.

The other issue is his family abandonment. While he states that "my dreams can't wait for everyone," it is possible he didn't tell Napstablook about his transition because he didn't want them to feel pressured to do the same, as the other seems content as they are despite the fact that all the other cousins went off to become corporeal. The other reason could be that he felt starting over and leaving behind every aspect of his old life was the easiest way to cope with things. I tend to go with the former reason rather than the latter.

The last subject is gender and genitalia. This isn't a problem for regular logs as he isn't properly equipped with anything. He's just a Ken Doll normally. For NSFW/Smut logs, I play mine strictly male in both body and mind. While he could be equipped with whatever he wants since he's a robot, I am only comfortable playing him with male anatomy.

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